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Seafoam Vase

Seafoam Vase

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The Seafoam Vase measures 20 cm in height and will look beautiful in your home with nature's beautiful flowers and branches.

The effervescent glaze brings to mind the waves of the sea. The glaze is unique and will vary from vase to vase, just as the foam tops on the waves are not the same.

During firing, the glaze fuses differently and creates its own face on each product.

As the vase is handmade, minor variations in color and glaze may occur. This is completely normal and does not affect the quality, general appearance or use of the product. This is the charm of a handmade product.

The effect glaze can be delicate due to the voids and bubbles. The glaze is matte and can crumble a little. Therefore, there is no guarantee on the glaze.


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